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Website for kids packed with news, facts, games, and eco-tips about simple things kids can do to protect the environment.  Get the book too!

A New York City-based organization working to get styrofoam trays out of New York City public schools.

An engaging 20-minute cartoon video explaining the nature of resource extraction,
consumption and waste in our society.  Great for kids and adults!
With more than one million students, teachers, and administrators, New York City schools produce hundreds of thousands of tons of solid waste every year. There are many ways to reduce the amount of waste generated at your school. Think about how you, your friends, and family can help your school to help the environment.

NYC Department of Education Sustainability Division
This new website helps staff and students figure out ways to green their schools.

A document containing inspiring information about how to make your school’s campus environmentally friendly. 

NYSERDA’s Energy Smart Students program provides teachers and students with opportunities to learn about energy and its impact on the environment and economy. It offers curricula, workshops and hands-on instructional support for classroom lessons in energy and energy efficiency.

The Ecology Center works toward a more sustainable New York City by providing community-based recycling and composting programs, developing local stewardship of green space, and increasing community awareness, involvement and youth development through environmental education programs. 

The Catskill Center provides a wide variety of assistance to schools and teachers including a great, free opportunity for K-12 school districts within the NYC Watershed called the Catskill Stream and Watershed Education Program. The Center also supports the production of the children’s play
The City that Drinks the Mountain Sky.

DEC New York City Environmental Education Program
The NY Department of Environmental Conservation offers professional development workshops, an afterschool conservation club, and a summer camp program. DEC educators can host an interactive table at environmental fairs, give talks about environmental careers, and more. 

The Horticultural Society’s Appleseed program integrates science learning with math, writing, cultural history, geography, and artistic expression. The curriculum is based on National Science Education Standards. The Horticulture Society also designs and builds gardens and advises on green roof technology. 

CENYCs Environmental Education green citizenship effort motivated 930 high school and intermediate students in 22 projects in four boroughs and the Catskill Watershed.
The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education
Resourcescurriculum, professional development, readings about education for a sustainable future. Inspiring young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way. 

Films about garbage and other environmental issues are just a small part of the resources available on the Educating Tomorrow website, which urges NYC schools to provide children with “exemplary environmental programs, such as school-wide recycling.”

The Solar One Green Energy, Arts and Education Center has brought its innovative approach to students in all five boroughs, serving more than 10,000 students since 2004. Education programs explore relationships between the natural and built environment using the urban ecology of New York City as a focal point to investigate renewable energy, sustainable design, estuary ecology, and environmental art. 

The Green Cup Challenge is the first and only national student-driven interschool energy challenge. With one month to see how much they can reduce their carbon footprint, participating schools save energy and money, support student greening efforts, raise awareness, and contribute to our shared sustainable future. 

Dedicated to introducing children to the life-giving pleasures of fresh food from the farm. The Sylvia Center offers school programs to inspire young people to discover good nutrition through joyful, delicious experiences with healthful, seasonal fruits and vegetables, in the garden and in the kitchen. 

Wellness in the Schools (WITS) is a grassroots organization that promotes children’s environmental health, nutrition and fitness within the New York City public schools.

The Asthma Free School Zone serves NYC schools and their surrounding communities by designating school zones with special signage; conducting environmental assessments and ambient air sampling; providing asthma and environmental health training to school and community members. The aim is to keep children in class by improving the air quality inside and outside of class.

Healthy Schools Network’s New York Program works to secure new laws, funding, and regulations to promote healthier school environments, including the measures for occupant health in schools under renovation, notice of pesticide use, bans on arsenic and elemental mercury, and cleaning for healthy schools. 

The U.S. Department of Energy provides links to more than 350 lesson plans and activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy for grades K-12. 

Facing The Future provides global sustainability curriculum, professional development, teacher resources, and service learning ideas. The Catalog Cancelling Challenge is an example of a service learning project that helps students achieve academic success, while preparing them to create and maintain positive, healthy, and sustainable communities. 

K-12 environmental education curriculum ideas and plans that adhere to state, national, or NAAEE educational standards. 

K-12 environmental education curriculum designed to coincide with Climate Week New York City, with lesson plans designed for easy implementation.

Information about where to recycle anything, anywhere. 

TerraCycle turns “trash” into products. The company partners with corporations to offer free national collection programs that pay non-profits and schools for their used packaging such as drink pouches, energy bar wrappers, yogurt cups, cookie wrappers, chip bags and more! The collected materials are upcycled into affordable, high quality products. TerraCycle prevents 1000’s of tons of waste from going to landfills.   

Green fundraising ideas from recycled giftwrap to reusable water bottles.

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