Gifted & Talented

G&T Placement

Placement offer letters will be e-mailed in early June.

To accept your child’s G&T Placement offer to PS 166, please sign up for a pre-registration appointment HERE.

To decline your child’s G&T Placement offer to PS 166, please send a message to, stating your child’s name and the school he/she will attend.

If your child has been offered placement and you have not previously attended a tour of PS 166 in the last year, you may attend a G&T Info Session on Friday, June 9th at 8:45 AM. This tour is ONLY for those parents who have not attended a tour this year. Our earlier tours included information on the G&T program and were more comprehensive so there is no need to attend another. We have very limited space and registration is required. You may register for the Info Session HERE after letters have been distributed.



For questions about our G&T program email





P: (212) 678-2829 F: (212) 579-4542
132 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024