Gifted & Talented

G&T Placement

PS 166 has Gifted and Talented (G&T)  classes on every grade.

The G&T application period has begun; the deadline for submission was November 9, 2018.

All testing took place in January.

All children tested will receive score reports. Those eligible to apply (90th percentile or higher) will do so by ranking schools in the order they wish to attend on the myschools site.

Score reports will be distributed the week of April 15th. If your child qualifies with a 90th or above percentile, you may apply for G&T placement. The deadline to apply is May 10th.

Please keep in mind that not every child who qualifies will receive G&T placement. For many years only children with a 99th percentile score have received placement at PS 166.

In the fall we had Open Houses for all families, including those interested in our G&T program. Unfortunately, we are not able to have additional Open Houses for G&T applicants. However, we will have an information session for parents of children who are offered placement at PS 166 before the deadline to accept. If your child is offered G&T placement, check back to this site for information.

Please understand that we simply do not have the time to give private tours or schedule individual meetings for admissions questions.

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