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Principal’s Corner

Debra Mastriano’s September Letter



Hours are 9AM – 2:00PM Monday through Thursday. Our librarian is Rachel Fremmer. You can contact her at rfremmer@gmail.com with any questions, or just stop in to the library to say hi and introduce yourself!


Lunch Menu


October Menu

Our cafeteria has a nut-free table. More info here.

Lunch Schedule

Kindergarten and 1st Grade
11:02 am – 11:52 am
2nd & 3rd grades
11:56 am – 12:46 pm
4th and 5th grades
12:50 pm -1:40 pm

Box Tops For Education


The fall submission deadline for BoxTops is almost here!  Deposit your BoxTops in the specially marked box in the school lobby by Monday, October 29th.

See the list of participating products at boxtops4education.com.

Green Commitee


The Green Committee needs you to help. Sign up to volunteer to help with

 helping students sort garbage into the appropriate bins in the cafeteria at breakfast

helping students sort garbage into the appropriate bins in the cafeteria at lunch

– collecting weekly Curbside Compost Collection on Tuesdays

Also, we are still looking for small jars for our wheat-grass creatures project at the Fall Festival. Drop them in box located in the lobby.

PS166 Green Committee makes it easy for you to do your part in contributing to sustainability:

Textile Recycling  – Fridays. 

Curbside Compost Collection – Tuesday mornings.  

Please join us for our Green Committee meetings which happen on Tuesdays at 8:30 am in Room 109.

Questions or want to get involved? green@ps166pta.org

Inclusion Committee

The Inclusion Committee will meet on October 25th at 8:30 in the Community Room.

The Inclusion Committee meets with parents of children who have special needs (particular educational requirements resulting from learning difficulties, physical disability or emotional and behavioral difficulties) and parents of children with allergies to promote an inclusive environment in our school community and events.



We love books! Each one of our kids has a library to call their own and a librarian to help them embrace reading and discover books. Our librarian, Rachel Fremmer, leads children in read-alouds, scavenger hunts, and book tournaments that encourage a love of reading. The librarian is made possible by the PTA, which as you know, is all of us. 

Find the latest updates on our school library here.

P: (212) 678-2829 F: (212) 579-4542
132 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024