Thanks for your contributions to our textile recycling drives. Your donations equal more money for the school and an emptier landfill!

Textile Items Accepted (clean / not soiled only)

  • Clothing, sheets, blankets, pillows, rags, shoes, stuffed animals

For more info on recycling check out this newsletter from our partners Wearable Collections.

Monthly totals from last school year are:

January – 1,200 lbs

November – 1,300 lbs

October – 950 lbs

May – 1,050 lbs

April – 750 lbs

March – 1,000 lbs

February – 600 lbs

For more information on our partner Wearable Collections, click here.


Accepted Items
·         Fruit and vegetable scraps
·         Coffee grounds, filters, and paper tea bags
·         Bread and grains
·         Egg shells
·         Nutshells
·         Corncobs
·         Food-soiled paper towels and napkins
·         Shredded newspaper
·         Sawdust and wood shavings from untreated wood
·         Stale beans, flour, and spices
·         Cut or dried flowers
·         Houseplants and potting soil
·         Feathers

Don’t Bring

·         Meat or fish scraps
·         Cheese or dairy products
·         Fats, grease, oil, or oily foods
·         Cat or dog feces
·         Kitty litter
·         Colored or glossy paper
·         Sawdust made from pressure-treated plywood or lumber
·         Coal or charcoal ashes
·         Non-compostable materials like plastic, metals, or glass
·         Diseased or insect-infested houseplants and soil
·         Biodegradable or compostable plastics

P: (212) 678-2829 F: (212) 579-4542
132 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024