Students are assessed several times each year to gauge reading level that includes both comprehension and accuracy.  Students are given ample time to read leveled books of their own choice and are encouraged to read both in the classroom and at home.  Readers discuss and write about their texts to demonstrate their thinking and understanding.

Teachers work with individuals and in groups according to students’ needs.  Each student has reading goals tailored to his or her strengths and weaknesses.  Teachers attend professional development workshops from Teachers College in adaptive and differentiated instruction.

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Children learn to write opinion, information, and narrative writing pieces, progressing in these areas throughout their time at PS 166. Teachers guide students in individual skills and children are given the chance to practice these skills in class. The children draft, revise, edit and publish their texts, and receive feedback in individual and small groups to develop their skills.  Students’ work is assessed, and students are given individualized goals to progress their writing.

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