Track Team

Students in grades 3-5 who are interested in joining the track team are selected to participate based on the criteria below.

  1. Physical Education: 
    • Running/walking skills (students are timed in phys-ed class)
    • Effort – participation in phys-ed class
    • Preparation for class (wearing sneakers on gym day)
    • Attendance in phys-ed class
    • Behavior in phys-ed class
  1. Running Practice
    • Training takes place during recess. Students must practice during their recess period at least once a week. Students who do not want to miss recess to practice will not be eligible for the team.
    • Third graders will practice during Wednesday recess; Fourth and fifth graders will practice during Thursday recess. Additional days may be added as needed. Students should bring lunch from home or pick up a bagged school lunch (PB&J or cheese sandwich) on practice day. They will eat lunch in the gym.
  1. Availability
    • Students should be available to attend weekend meets such as the Jamborees held in October and April. Performance at the October Jamboree is a factor.
  1. Overall behavior, academics and attendance    
    • The student must be in good standing regarding attendance, academics, and behavior in order to be a member of the track team.
    • Since students miss class during school day track meets, teacher approval is necessary.
    • Students will be responsible for completing work missed during track meets.
  1. Limited Space
    • Rising NYRR only allows 40 students to participate from each school.
    • Meeting the above criteria determines which 40 students will participate in the track team.
    • Based on the official results of track events, the 20 top runners are chosen to go to the championship.

If your grade 3-5 child is interested in trying out for the track team, send a note via backpack or clicking here to e-mail Ms. Asencio.

If your child is interested in running but is not on the team, there are other opportunities to run. Parents may sign children up and bring them to the Youth Jamborees. Rising NYRR also has free runs for children throughout the year, starting at age 2.