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Kindergarten Pre- Registration


Offer letters have been emailed an mailed to zoned applicants.

  • To accept the offer, simply sign up for a pre-registration appointment HERE .
  • To decline the offer, send an email to admissions@ps166.org.  In the subject line write “decline” and in the message state your child’s name and DOB.
  • If seats open up and we are able to make any offers from the wait list, parents will be notified. The earliest that could possibly happen is in June.


Do not wait until the May 3rd deadline to accept your offer as that will not give you enough time for registration. Registration is by appointment only.  We are closed for spring recess from April 19-26 and because of state testing we will not be able to schedule registration during the week of April 29th.

2019 State Test Information

Students in grades 3-5 will take the NY State Common Core tests on April 2 & 3 (ELA) and May 1 & 2 (Math)


On February 6th and February 12th we presented test information workshops for grade 3-5 parents. 

Presentations from the workshops are below.

February 6, 2019 MATH workshop

February 12, 2019 ELA Workshop

Math Educator Guide

ELA Educator Guide

Supporting Students’ Social-Emotional Growth

At the January 17th PTA meeting, Erin Lederle (Social Worker)  and Michelle Macdonald (Guidance Counselor) gave a presentation for parents on our social-emotional program and ways that parents can support it at home.

View the presentation HERE

The Specials

Check out what’s new in our Specials classes!

the specials










AfterSchool Program

artsandathletics-sm copy (002)

The spring cycle has begun, running from Mon 03/18/19 to Fri 06/14/19.

Please register for Spring Cycle if you have not already done so. The 2-week add/drop period ends Friday 3/29/19 at which point, all schedules will be final and all accounts should be current unless prior arrangements have been made with us.

 Click  here  for more information on our after school program.

Safety Drills

PS 166 conducts safety drills regularly. First, teachers give lessons on actions to take in an emergency. Then the school periodically conducts practice drills. If you would like to discuss the drills with your child, please click HERE to see the student lessons about safety drills. 

RULER Program


The RULER program was developed by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, where they teach people of all ages how to develop their emotional intelligence to create a more effective and compassionate society.

This year we rolled out the RULER program at PS 166 as our approach to social and emotional learning. Studies show that RULER programming improves academic performance, decreases aggressive behavior, and enhances learning climates.

To support the RULER program at home, visit our RULER page for resources.

Learn more about the RULER Program  HERE.

PS 166 Family Handbook

Find the answers to your questions! Click HERE for the 2018-2019 PS 166 Family Handbook.

2018-2019 DOE CALENDAR

Click HERE to view the 2018-2019 school calendar.

Art News

Check out the work in our Student Artist’s Studio !


Lunch Menu


April Lunch Menu


Our cafeteria has a nut-free table. More info here.

Lunch Schedule

Kindergarten and 1st Grade
11:02 am – 11:52 am
2nd & 3rd grades
11:56 am – 12:46 pm
4th and 5th grades
12:50 pm -1:40 pm

Green Commitee


Last week for our SHOE DRIVE  –  Donate your outgrown or otherwise unwanted shoes, now through April 18th. Donated shoes will earn 25-cents per pound so look for the separate box for shoes. To  learn about textile recycling, visit: wearablecollections.com.

Sign up here to volunteer in the cafeteria (helping kids sort their breakfast or lunch trash) or to help with curbside compost collection.

Curbside Compost Collection: Tuesday mornings 8-8:30 am. Please bring in a reusable or compostable container, if possible. Go to www.nyc.gov/organics for more information about what to bring.

Textile Recycling: Fridays until 2:45 pm in bin in the lobby. Clothes, stuffed animals, towels, shoes and sheets accepted. Clothes in good condition are sold for reuse, if they are not wearable they are made into rags or pulp for industrial use.  

Questions or want to get involved? Email green@ps166pta.org

School Library


We love books! Each one of our kids has a library to call their own and a librarian to help them embrace reading and discover books. Our librarian, Rachel Fremmer, leads children in read-alouds, scavenger hunts, and book tournaments that encourage a love of reading. The librarian is made possible by the PTA, which as you know, is all of us. 

Find the latest updates on our school library here.

Gardening News

sprout (1)

The PS166 gardeners are getting the school gardens ready for winter.

Click here to read the update from from garden residency teacher Sarah Burns.

Need Web Updates?


Do you have website updates or do you want to share some PS166 news? Please contact web administrator, Pauline Hilborn, by clicking here.

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