Parent Teacher Association

The PS166 Parent Association (PTA) is an organization of parents, teachers, and administrative staff at PS166 dedicated to supporting the school through community events and educational enrichment.  Every current PS166 parent is automatically a member of the PS 166 PTA, and we welcome participation from all members. 


 It takes a lot to make and keep our public school strong.

State and city budgets do not come close to covering everything that students, teachers and staff need to succeed. One of the key components that makes The Richard Rodgers School of the Arts and Technology such a special place is support from our families. Because of the generosity of P.S. 166 families, we’re able to enrich the experiences of each and every one of our children. To see some of the activities your donations fund, visit the Events page.

Families and community members can support PS 166 by donating to the school or partnering with local and national businesses that share profits with our school.  Please click below for more information on how you can help.

Learn more about PS166 Fundraising and Shop in Support of our school.

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Looking to get involved? There are numerous ways you can help.

There are several parent committees that facilitate parent involvement in our school. Some of our committees include:

  • Gardening
  • Green/Wellness
  • Richard Rodgers Day
  • Technology
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Community-Building

Find a committee you might want to join, or maybe there’s one you’d like to start yourself.

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Every year, PS166 hosts several events that build a sense of community and are fun for the whole family.  Some of our annual events include:

  • Broadway Sings
  • Fall Fest
  • Auction Gala
  • Family Fun + Fitness Night

Find out more about upcoming and past events.

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Going Green

Our mission is to create a culture of sustainability, healthy living and environmental responsibility in our school and the greater community.

Environmental Stewardship

PS 166 is a Department of Education Zero Waste School.  All students are taught to compost their food scraps in the cafeteria and in classroom compost bins. A curbside composting program allows families to drop off their household compost at the school each Tuesday morning. We also run a weekly textile drive, keeping hundreds of pounds of textiles out of landfills each month.


PS 166 is committed to providing nutrition and wellness education to all our students.  We follow the Department of Education’s Alternative Menu in our cafeteria, offering more plant-based and fewer processed food items than in the traditional cafeteria menu. All students eating school lunch have access to our fresh salad bar.

All kindergartners will care for their own edible garden, and will create recipes using produce from this garden through our seven-week kindergarten residency program.

The school is currently searching for new ways to bring nutrition and wellness programs to our students, and we look forward to introducing new programs to the school in the coming months.

Find out more about PS 166's numerous awards and recognitions, Green Policy, and how you can do your part.

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 Upcoming Meetings

PTA Meeting + Executive Board Elections is Thursday, May 16th 8:30AM

Don’t miss next week’s PTA meeting! We will review our proposed 2019-20 Budget and have our Executive Board elections.

Every year, each position on the PTA Executive Board is up for election.  We strongly encourage parents/guardians to run for any Executive Board position.  Please see attachment for board descriptions. The only qualification for all positions is that the candidate be a parent or guardian of a child currently at PS 166. If you would like to nominate yourself, please fill out the Nomination Form attached or available in the school lobby, and drop it in the PTA mailbox or e-mail to the Nominating Committee Chair: Carl Cambria

We will also take nominations from the floor at the election meeting.

The elections shall be the first order of business on the agenda after calling the meeting to order.  The Executive Board elections are governed by the PS 166 PTA Bylaws as well as Chancellor’s Regulation A-660.

Meeting Minutes

The PTA works organizes community events and raises funding to cover educational enrichment opportunities that are not covered by the Department of Education budget. General membership meetings are held each month to discuss upcoming school events, fundraising, safety issues, curriculum updates, and other topics relevant to your children’s education.  All parents are encouraged to attend, however if you are not able to attend, you can still keep abreast by downloading the meeting minutes below.

Meeting Date:


PTA Executive Board

Co-President: Monica Gelinas

Co-President: Moira Jaffe-Solomon

VP of Fundraising: Rajesh Anandan

VP of Grants: Rachel Polimeni

VP Volunteers & Events: Kathryn Oblad

Co-Treasurer: Jill Dugan

Co-Treasurer: Max Alvarez

Financial Secretary:  Simon Franceschi

Corresponding Secretary:  Erin Volkmar

Recording Secretary: Carl Cambria

Communications Secretary: Laura Beech


Please congratulate the new Executive Board members for the 2019-20 school year!

Co-presidents: Rachel Polimeni and Daria Kim

Co-Treasurers: Will Kolb and Wanda Lin

Recording Secretary: Chandini Prakash

VP Grants: Kristin Savov

VP Volunteers: Annalisa Peterson

Financial Secretary: Simon Franceschi

Communications Secretary: Laura Beech

VP Fundraising: John Situ



Contact PTA Co-Presidents Monica Gelinas or Moira Jaffe-Solomon if you have any questions or want to get involved.




Click here to contact Pauline Hilborn, web administrator.