Our catchment zone currently includes the north side of West 85th Street to the north side of West 89th Street, from Central Park West to Riverside Drive. At this time, our school zone is in the process of being revised by the District 3 Community Education Council. When we are informed of the change it will be posted.




You must submit an application in order for your child to attend kindergarten at a New York City public school in September 2017.  See Kindergarten Connect for more information.

All address verification will be checked and if it is discovered after registration that false documentation has been provided, the student will be transferred to his/her zoned school.

Your zoned school is determined by your home address. If you don’t know which school is your zoned school, call 311 or visit the School Search.

Admission is not first-come, first-served. All applications received by the deadline are treated the same, according to the school’s admissions priorities.

P: (212) 678-2829 F: (212) 579-4542
132 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024