Outdoor Adventure Program

As we begin thinking about opening in the Fall, safety is our number one priority. Arts and Athletics is planning for several different scenarios number one being “In-Person Learning” and taking afterschool outdoors! Regardless of what the future brings, we are dedicated to your child and their continued academic growth and social-emotional well-being. By going outdoors, students will discover new places outside of their school and learn new and exciting things during different seasons. 

We are excited to offer a nature-based after school, all of which take place just steps away in Central Park. The adventure program is designed for children entering kindergarten through fifth grade. Students can spend an afternoon building a makeshift shelter, drawing a scenic view, or discovering the park’s many plant and animal species. While having fun in the fresh air, students will develop a better understanding of nature, as well as a more profound sense of place and belonging while keeping their social distancing rules.

 Students will explore a window of colorful adventures and enrichment activities through a weekly theme while given the opportunity to learn about and through nature. Each topic contains various activities such as Hiking, Bird Watching, Wilderness Adventure, Observational Drawing, Plant Life in Central Park, Landscape Drawing, Gardening, and Sports. Our program addresses all aspects of language: listening, speaking, vocabulary building, and a lifelong interest in nature and experiencing the outdoors.