School Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is an elected group of parents and teachers that meet with the principal to create the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) and ensure that the school’s budget is aligned with the plan.  SLT parent leaders are elected for two-year terms. Elections are held each year at the June general PTA meeting.

If you wish to raise an issue at an SLT meeting, please email the SLT chair. Anyone is invited to attend the meetings, but only SLT members or guests who are on the agenda may speak.


SLT Members


PS 166 Principal - Debra Mastriano

PS 166 Teachers - Emily Chan, Derek Bruun, Deborah Cohen, Kristen Guzman, Ariel Pick

PS 166 Parents -  Sinead Keegan, Jenna Hirsch, Ilana Weinberg, Marie Mank, Amber Cifarelli (alternate)

PS 166 PTA President - Marguerite McNicoll

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often are meetings?

A: Meetings are held monthly in the school library.  The schedule is set at the beginning of each academic year by the SLT members.

Q: Who can attend an SLT Meeting?

A: Anyone can attend, but only members or guests who are on the agenda may speak.

Q: How can I get the SLT to discuss something important to me, even if I don’t wish to present the issue myself?

A: Email the SLT Chair with your concerns.

Q: How long is a SLT Member’s term?

A: 2 years

Q: How do I become a member of SLT?

A:  Elections for vacant SLT seats are held in June at the last general PTA meeting.  If you are interested in running, you can contact the nominating committee to get on the ballot.